Homemade awnings for windows?

Here's a video that shows how a DIY enthusiast built a simple awning for a small polycarbonate window. As you can see in the video, the construction. This is a five-step tutorial that guides you on how to make a standard DIY window awning. Some of the materials you'll need to follow this tutorial are boards, fabric, metal joints, and screws.

You can use a piece of plywood instead of cloth over the top. I built the awnings with 2 × 3 boards and a corrugated metal sheet. I started by cutting my long back piece (which will be attached to the wall above the window) and the two side pieces. The long piece should be approximately 6″ wider than your window.

The side pieces are 19 inches long with a decorative 45-degree cut at one end of each of the pieces (so you'll only cut half of the end). It then guides you to measure the wood and cut it the right way for the window awning frame. The six steps in the tutorial will guide you through framing, creating the awning material, sliding the canvas over the frame, assembling the frame, and adding a support brace. I now have two beautiful awnings for farmhouse windows and of course I have a full tutorial to share with you.

The video shows the process that was followed to obtain that window awning that looks great when complete. When I saw this photo of similar farmhouse-style window awnings on Joanna Gaines's farm, I knew I had found a winner. For each of my window awnings, I used a 1″ x 4″ pine board and two 1″ x 2″ long boards six feet long. There aren't many details about the manufacturing process of the window awning, but you can see what the entire window awning will look like.

This video tutorial begins by showing you how to measure the window on the right so that you can build a suitable awning. Owning a cabin in nature also means making any modifications yourself, and here's a video that shows how a YouTuber built an awning to keep the sun out of his window. It's easier to go ahead and screw all the metal to the awning frame before installing the awnings over the windows. I chose to have my awnings cover the window enough to hide the blinds below when they are raised.

The video shows how to join the different parts of the awning and mount it on the window.

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