How much does it cost to have an awning installed?

These costs are just the prices of awnings. Finally, outdoor lighting is another technological improvement that homeowners may consider when installing an awning. Or, you can opt for a metal awning combined with a motorized retractable option for easy accessibility. They must be placed carefully so that they are not impacted by the movement or retraction of the awning.

Copper awnings are much more expensive than aluminum and steel awnings, and Juliet-style awnings tend to be more expensive than simple awning designs. A retractable awning should be mounted at least 7 ½ feet above the ground, with a gap of 6 inches between the frame and the mounting surface. While metal awnings are most commonly installed over windows and doors, retractable awnings are most commonly installed on decks and patios. If you buy your own awning and do it yourself, you could save a little on the installation cost, but it's not an easy job and you'll need help to finish it.

Because of its cost, it is generally reserved for small awnings for windows and doors rather than larger patio awnings. Homeowners can also help prevent mold growth by routinely inspecting awnings for accumulated water, positioning them correctly for runoff, and washing them with soap and water to remove bacteria that can accelerate mold growth. There is no shortage of types of awnings for homeowners to choose from, and all offer a unique combination of advantages and disadvantages. Working with a contractor experienced in installing awnings can help to clear up any uncertainty surrounding permits.

But there is also the option of having a completely customized awning, from size to material, through decorative borders and curtains. If you don't want the awning to attach directly to your home or roof, buy a freestanding retractable awning. Every awning manufacturer has a color palette, and most brands have several colors in stock and dozens more available through custom orders. When you buy a retractable awning online, the seller will provide you with full installation instructions.

For example, sailcloth may be a good choice for an awning that doesn't need to be retracted frequently or as an awning that is used periodically.

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