Is a retractable awning worth it?

In addition to the cost savings on energy bills, the return on investment of retractable awnings is great, since the initial cost is minimal compared to adding a roof over the deck or patio. They also provide protection from heat and sun, increasing the amount of time you'll want to spend outdoors. Nowadays, patio awnings are one of the best-selling accessories in many homes. It is an accessory that brings style and comfort to any outdoor space.

Eilam said that about 70 percent of SunSetter awnings were sold directly to consumers and that an owner with minimal skill should be able to install an awning in a couple of hours. Shaw said the motor is enclosed in the tube that rolls the awning material when it retracts. The brackets that hold the awning up and out when extended fold back on themselves and hide under the tube when the awning is closed. Tyson said that automatic retractable awnings can be equipped with sensors that open or close the awning depending on the weather.

For example, he said, awnings may have a light sensor that will automatically deploy the awning when the sun rises and close it at night or on cloudy days. Eilam says that SunSetter uses a waterproof vinyl that provides almost total protection against ultraviolet rays. Shaw, from Breslow Home Design, says he prefers awnings made of acrylic yarn because they are breathable and don't trap heat under the awning. If you like to entertain, dine, or relax in your outdoor areas, a retractable awning will be a great improvement for your home.

But in milder climates, like the ones we have in Indiana, or especially in warm climates, a retractable awning is an ideal way to enjoy your outdoor space. These days, you can choose to stay inside the air conditioner or you can stay cool outdoors by installing a retractable awning for your patio. Once the colder season arrives, the awning can be retracted, letting in the sun and making your home heating cost a little more in the process. Now that you know what to consider, you can decide if a retractable awning is right for you.

If you are planning to sell your house in the future, it's definitely worth investing in a retractable awning, as it can attract potential buyers who dream of gloomy summer afternoons. Howard Falkow, owner of Better Living Sunrooms in Baldwin Place, Westchester County, said he recommends awnings that have a motor for greater comfort and a manual crank to open and close them if the power goes out. The last thing homeowners want is an awning that becomes an eyesore rather than an attractive element in their home. You can contact your local awning contractor for a personalized consultation and see if a retractable awning would work well in your yard.

Retractable awnings protect the outside of the house from the heat, but they can also help keep the interior up to 15 degrees cooler. Retractable awnings are worth it if you're looking for outdoor comfort and convenience at a reasonable price. A retractable awning is a great way to protect your outdoor patio furniture, but you may not realize that it can also protect indoor furniture. Although retractable awnings have an initial cost, that cost is still lower than if you chose to install a fixed awning or build a roof over your patio or terrace.

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