Where to buy awnings for your house?

Results 1 - 24 of 380 · Get free shipping on qualified awning products or buy online Pick up in store today at the doors & Window Department, Metal - Awnings · Retractable Awnings · Patio · Door - Awnings. Would you like to be able to enjoy more outdoor meals with your family or long, relaxing days regardless of the weather? Rollup Awnings has you covered in more ways than one. Since 1979, we have been offering high quality awning products and services to our customers. When you visit one of our three showrooms on Long Island, our staff members will help you select the perfect awning for your home.

Our retractable motorized awnings are custom made and manufactured to fit your specifications. As an expert, customer-focused awning manufacturer, we guarantee the satisfaction of our customers in Suffolk, Nassau and Long Island Counties. Awnings, like most outdoor accessories, must be maintained. We provide a range of services, including the repair and recovery of fabrics, the removal of awnings and the replacement and repair of engines.

In addition to providing quality awnings, we also supply blinds and storm panels to promote relaxation, privacy and security. Our custom-made exterior and interior blinds are ideal for any space and are easy to operate. To protect your home from storms and even hurricane winds, ask about our state-of-the-art storm panels. We will be happy to professionally deliver and install all products customized for you.

When you think about buying an awning, you'll discover that there are four major brands that most people choose from. These brands, Awntech, Sunsetter, Sunsational and Sunesta, offer customers something different. The disadvantage of a retractable awning is the cost at the time of purchase and the impossibility of leaving them stretched out in windy conditions. When working with motorization tools, these sensors detect wind, rain and sun and then automatically retract the awning accordingly.

Whether you choose a fixed or retractable awning, your home will benefit tremendously from this addition. These awnings are also fixed to the house on a wall or ceiling, but are motorized, allowing them to be opened and closed at the discretion of the owner. With several possible ways of mounting these types of awnings, such as eaves mounted, wall mounted and ceiling mounted, it is important to follow the instructions carefully according to the material from which the mounting area is constructed. Twisted rope awnings Like the awning with a spiral arm, this awning uses beams that have a rope-like appearance.

Acrylic coating helps prevent awning materials from fading, while vinyl and laminate add fire resistance and an additional layer of water resistance. Solair retractable awnings definitely create shade for your outdoor spaces, but they do much more, as they create a popular space in the home in the morning, noon and night. With a wide range of options and styles to choose from, these are one of the most popular awnings available. Cascading awnings This awning is the opposite of the Crescent and has an upward curve instead.

Awnings also provide homeowners shade from the sun's heat, a comfortable place to sit and enjoy nature around their home and avoid other weather-related problems, such as rain. Fixed awnings often require more maintenance and maintenance, must remain in a single position at all times, and need additional support to cover large areas. An extended awning can block the sun and prevent damage to furniture, curtains and the floor, in addition to reducing energy consumption by reducing temperatures inside the house. The installation of a fixed awning is similar to that of a retractable awning, since all measurements must be accurate and all supports must be properly leveled before placing them.

When deciding where to place your awning, whether it is a door, window or patio awning, it is essential to measure the area to be covered. .

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