Why get an awning?

The main purpose of awnings is to conserve and protect your home from the dominant sun rays. Awnings provide shade, regardless of whether it's hot or cold outside. Especially window awnings, effectively combat the sunlight your home is exposed to. A retractable awning gives you excellent protection against inclement weather all year round.

It can be protected from the sun, rain, snow, hail and sleet. An awning keeps the rain away from your house, where it is installed on the outer wall so that it doesn't discolor, chip or peel off any type of coating or discolor the brick in your house. This also prevents water from accumulating just as you walk out the door to get into a puddle when it rains. Wearing rain away from your home's sliding glass doors, swing doors and windows also extends the life of the sealant around these items to save you money on service calls.

A well-designed awning will enhance the architecture of your home, giving it greater exterior appeal. Your home will look much cozier and add a touch of charm to the neighborhood. If you decide to sell your home, the awning can help you get a better deal. With so many material options and awning styles, you can find something that looks good with almost any home design.

Ultraviolet sunlight that enters through windows can damage your property. Walls, furniture, carpets, and even artwork can fade when exposed to strong sunlight. A window awning can help protect the room from that intense sun and prevent damage to your property.

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